About Us

Learn, Teach, Evolve.

Our Mission
Our mission is to connect learners with teachers of various backgrounds from around the world in a simple, yet effective way. It is our goal to build an online environment where individuals from all schools of skill and knowledge can effectively connect with those who seek self-improvement.

Our Vision
Schools, Colleges and Universities are excellent sources for obtaining a degree, general knowledge, skills, and of course a diploma; nevertheless, many individuals find themselves in a position where they aren’t getting all the guidance, training, and coaching they need to ultimately feel satisfied and successful about their academic, personal, and professional life. PrivaEd.com is an online directory service which allows individuals to seek out, and contact professionals, trainers, tutors, coaches, and guides, for the purpose of obtaining that input, guidance, training and advice that can save them time and money in the long run. Our vision is that training, coaching, guidance and tutoring can, and should be sought out not only throughout the academic years, but also throughout professional careers. Sometimes, even the smallest grain of advice from an experienced professional about the topic of interest, can make the difference of a lifetime.

Have the Power to Choose
Searching and finding the right tutor, trainer, coach, or a guide can be a time consuming, challenging task; and that’s why we created an online directory service which allows you to contact our member private educators directly; at the same time you are free to create a private educator job listing about the topic or topics of your interest, so that our member private educators may contact you. The decision of how you want to get in touch with a private educator is yours. It is also up to you and the private educator to agree about the meeting location and the cost; we do not interfere with nor mediate these affairs, we do however believe in a free market economy, thus allowing both learners and teachers to set up their desired hourly compensation rate within the listings that they create.

Finding a Private Educator, or Becoming One
We are committed to our member private educators and learners who want to improve their skills or knowledge. It is our focus to simplify the process of connecting the right private educator with a student, for a mutually agreed upon price. We offer our member private educators a powerful tool to promote their services and acquire new students. We encourage every skilled professional, tutor, trainer, or a guide, to become a member private educator of PrivaEd.com, share the knowledge and experience with others, and contribute to the development of the world.

Our Private Educators are Motivated to Help You
We do not charge our member private educators a percentage of their hourly fee, thus improving their motivation in delivering quality sessions. We believe that motivation is directly impacted by compensation; therefore we will never charge our member private educators a percentage of their hourly fee. Instead, we charge a fair, low cost, monthly, semi annual, or annual membership fee, which covers advertising, operations, and management costs.

Our Future
We are committed to improving the functionality of the site, ease of its use, and a bug free safe experience. Anything can be improved, and PrivaEd.com is no exception. Over time we will be releasing new content, functionality, and features that will make your experience with us easier, more productive, rewarding, and enjoyable. If you would like to find out more information about us, please use the “Contact Us” link on the bottom on this page.